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South Shore Orthodontics Reviews

Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with our amazing team!

Sarah G.
Hands down the best dental professional experience we have received. Kristy and Dr. Romans were incredibly friendly and informative.
Windy J.
So great with kids. Very knowledgeable, patient with questions, all around great experience!
Kim H.
Tremendous experience with South Shore Orthodontics in Cohasset! Caring staff and great office!
Emily J.
So far this team has been nothing less than stellar. Kristy on the desk explains everything and doesn't try to upsell; Dr. Romans takes the time to explain his plans; Amanda is thorough and fast when applying the buttons/liners. Everything is streamlined, clean and really easy. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to get Invisalign!
Chelsea M.
Dr. Romans is amazing! My son had a bad cross-bite. I had initial consultations with several orthodontists in and near Cohasset trying to gage who had the best pricing and seemed most knowledgeable. South Shore Orthodontics Cohasset was by far the most reasonably priced and shortest duration of my son needing braces. Not only did my sons braces cost *less than half the price of other orthodontists*, but Dr. Romans came up with an ingenious plan: by using particular bracket and band placement Dr. Romans was able to completely correct my son’s cross-bite in TWO WEEKS and using only TWO BRACKETS. The other orthodontists all were going to use eight brackets and guessed they would have to be on for at least a year! The difference in my son’s life is staggering—he got to avoid a whole year of braces, and the two brackets he did have were barely noticeable.I will never go anywhere else for brace. I truly cannot recommend their whole office enough. The office is clean and modern, staff is so friendly and flexible, everything you’d want a doctors office to be like. They even have this wooden token system where the patient can earn tokens (by being on time, getting good grades, etc.) and at the end of treatment use the tokens to get *real* prizes! My son wants to get the Alexa!