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Orthodontist In Weymouth, MA

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You don’t need an excuse to smile, but we would like to give you a few reasons! We have multiple locations for your convenience, and each of them has friendly doctors and teams ready to serve you. We can’t wait to meet you!



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South Shore Orthodontics is well-known for its welcoming staff and high-quality orthodontic care in Weymouth, MA. Our skilled and professional team is here to ensure each appointment is a great experience, whether you or your child needs orthodontic treatment.

Each patient receives a customized treatment plan considering their orthodontic requirements and objectives. Our office can provide each patient with remarkable and accurate outcomes because we use cutting-edge technologies like 3D imaging and invisible braces. Call us right away to arrange a complimentary consultation!

Orthodontist In Weymouth, MA

Top Rated Weymouth Orthodontics Office

Skilled Orthodontists

Dr. Domenic A. Mazzocco, Dr. Nicholas R. Romans, Dr. Emily E. Sachs, and Dr. Peter T. Phan are our four outstanding, board-certified orthodontists, committed to giving all of our patients the best orthodontic care available today. Treatments like Invisalign, transparent braces, conventional metal braces, and more are areas of expertise for our doctors.

Additionally, they stay current on new developments in orthodontic treatment to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

Cutting-Edge Technology

To achieve the utmost precision and patient comfort throughout treatment planning and execution, our team uses the most recent technologies. South Shore Orthodontics uses the iTero® Digital Scanner to create digital photos instead of traditional molds or sticky putty impressions, which some patients, especially younger ones, may find uncomfortable. This makes it possible for us to quickly develop customized approaches that cater to the unique demands of each patient.

Giving Back to Our Community

We care about giving back to our community. That’s why we frequently donate to a number of regional nonprofit organizations, including, but not limited to, the Jimmy Fund, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Toy Drive. We take satisfaction in impacting our neighborhood and giving back. 

Orthodontic Services We Offer


One of the most widely used options for patients seeking orthodontic treatment is the use of conventional braces. Our group of skilled orthodontists can address a range of orthodontic issues, including crowding, misalignment, and gaps between teeth, with traditional braces. Our braces are comfortable and discrete, thanks to cutting-edge technology. Additionally, we offer digital X-rays, which help us develop individualized, precise treatment programs.


With Invisalign, you may go about your everyday activities without being concerned about your smile appearing or feeling uncomfortable. Clear aligners are used by Invisalign, which fit comfortably over your teeth and are not apparent to others. Within a few weeks of beginning treatment, you will start to see improvements as the aligners gradually realign your teeth. Additionally, you can take your Invisalign out to eat and brush your teeth.

Invisalign In Weymouth, MA

Invisalign Provider In Weymouth, MA

One of the top Invisalign providers in Weymouth, MA, is our office. Patients can work with us to achieve the smile of their dreams. One of the most widely used orthodontic treatments today, Invisalign, can give patients the straight teeth they’ve always desired without needing as many orthodontic appointments.

Choosing Invisalign has several advantages, including more comfort, better oral health from regular brushing and flossing, fewer orthodontists’ visits for adjustments, and an all-around more appealing smile. With a personalized plan offered by our team at South Shore Orthodontics, you can achieve the smile of your dreams.

Braces In Weymouth, MA

Braces In Weymouth, MA

Patients of all ages can benefit from braces in Weymouth, MA. Braces have advanced significantly and are now much more pleasant than before. In addition to their visual advantages, braces also have long-term health advantages. For example, properly aligned teeth improve confidence and help with speaking, breathing, and chewing.

They also evenly distribute stresses on the teeth, which promotes overall orthodontic health. No matter your age, South Shore Orthodontics in Weymouth, MA, has braces made just for you so you can feel and look your best.

Types Of Braces We Provide

If you want a straighter, healthier smile, you should go to South Shore Orthodontics. Traditional metal braces and transparent braces are the two types of braces we provide. While our clear braces are ideal for people who prefer a more understated approach, our metal braces promise maximum flexibility in helping you achieve your desired results.

With any choice, our patients can rest assured they will have outstanding outcomes and receive top-notch treatment from Dr. Romans and the team, our highly qualified orthodontists. Get in touch with us and schedule a consultation to find out more about the ideal braces for you.

Visit Our Weymouth Office Today Or Request A Complimentary Consultation

Visit South Shore Orthodontics for orthodontic treatment in Weymouth, MA. We are the top orthodontists, providing Invisalign and braces as treatments to help you get a straighter, happier smile.

One of our skilled orthodontists, Dr. Romans, Dr. Mazzocco, Dr. Sachs, or Dr. Phan, and the team will collaborate with you to create a custom treatment plan that suits your requirements and way of life. Visit our office right away or request a complimentary consultation to learn more about orthodontic treatment in Weymouth, MA.